"Erin took our lackluster and homespun attempt at social media and turbo charged it. Her creativity, curiosity about what really made us tick, technical know-how, and strong sense of purpose elevated her to hero status within a matter of weeks. "

LISA HOLLAND, Assistant VP of Corporate Events at LPL Financial


What's Your Approach?

There's no 'one size fits all' social media strategy. To best represent your personal brand online, you need a plan that takes into account your goals, values, and that special thing you bring to the table. I've worked with corporations, executives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses all  over the world to level up their online presence.  My strategy package deliverables include profile audits,  a custom social media strategy with brief story pillars, detailed channel suggestions, and tips for how to reach your target audience. 


What's Your Plan?

How do you engage with people while positioning yourself as an expert in your field? I help sift through the noise to present your unique professional story in a way that merges passion and strategy. I'll help you fine-tune your story and break it out into a social media playbook that informs your messaging in a way that's cohesive, consistent, and sustainable. My playbook package deliverables include persona identification and research, content mapping,  creative thought starters, and calendaring.


How Do I Educate My Team?

People don't want to hear from brands-- they want to hear from people. That's why your employees are your greatest marketing asset. They can show the human side of your business in a way that's truly authentic. But how do you empower your team with social savvy to advocate for your company on social media? And what's in it for them? I offer customized workshop sessions for teams that range from Social Media 101 training to Social Media for the C Level Exec. Let me assess your company's needs to build a workshop that best meets your goals and schedules. 

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